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Winter Home Staging Tips

Winter Home StagingIt's no secret most sellers can a harder time selling their homes in the winter than any other time of the year. The harsh winter conditions usually have a dreary effect on your house, and besides that, most people usually have bought their new home by the end of spring, hence fewer people are willing to leave the warmth of their homes to go out house hunting.

So, if you want to really wow a potential buyer, you have to stage your home enticingly, but how do you do that? Here are some tips.

Don't Forget to Turn on the Heat

It's winter, so it will inevitably be cold. Therefore, if a potential buyer has left the warmth of their home to take a look at your house, they want to step inside a comfortably warm home. The heat can make your house feel inviting and it might even entice them to stay in a little bit longer. Now is not the time to try to save on your heating bill.

Work on Improving the Curb Appeal

Winter wreaks havoc on lawns and sidewalks, so start by sprucing up your home's exterior. Often you will find that the front of your home is covered in snow, which prevents a potential buyer from seeing the true beauty of your home's outdoors. Make an effort to rake away the leaves and remove the snow from the sidewalks, driveway, and patios.

A front yard covered with snow and ice might appear normal, but it could obscure the buyer's sense of imagination and interfere with their ability to envision the home in spring and other seasons.

Light Up the House

One thing most people hate about winter is the receding natural light. So, you'll want to light up the place to impress potential buyers. Proper lighting can significantly impact how your house looks and could turn out to be the difference between you selling your home and not finding a buyer at all.

So, draw your blinds and curtains to let in whatever natural light might be present outside and turn on the lights. Add more lighting to any dark areas as needed. This will accentuate the subtler features of your home and impress your potential buyers.

Diffuse the Winter Scents

Once winter kicks in, most homes tend to have that distinct winter smell. Understandably, most people open their doors and windows less often to ensure the heat stays inside their homes. Well, the bad news is, these scents can be a turnoff for some buyers.

To avoid that, bake some cookies or get an air freshener to hide the winter smell. Cranberries and peppermint can also help to spice up the interior scent.

Light Up the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, have it on when people come for a showing. Potential buyers will want to see the home as warm and cozy as possible, and what better way to show them than with a lit-up fireplace. The fireplace can also improve the ambiance and show your potential buyers that the house retains its heat well.

Add Some Holiday Décor

While you need to be wary of overdoing this, adding some holiday décor can boost your home's appeal. You can place a wreath on the front curb or by the door and add some light holiday décor to the house to make it more inviting. Remember, avoid going all-in with the decorations. Just be subtle and tasteful.

Set the House to Appear Warm

It is cold outside, so everyone will be anxious to step into a warm and cozy-looking house. So, throw in a few extra throw pillows on the living room furniture and make use of warm-toned colors. 

Final Thoughts

Selling your home in the winter might be a harder sell, but don't let the harsh conditions deter you. Stage your home for winter like a pro using these tips and see how much it impacts your buyers' decision-making process. Here are some more staging tips!

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