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Berlin is a large town abutting Barre, Montpelier, and Northfield. The town serves as a connector for those spaces. Don’t believe the old Vermonter adage, “You can’t get there from here". Berlin has a regional airport with flights to Burlington, Rutland, Albany, and elsewhere. 

The area’s shopping mall, The Berlin Mall, draws shoppers from throughout the region. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and Central Vermont Medical Center, affiliated with Fletcher Allen Hospital at the University of Vermont, are two of the area’s largest employers.

Berlin Pond, the natural water source for the City of Montpelier, is a very popular site for outdoor activity, especially among local runners, bikers, and walkers.Beautiful Vermont Views

Berlin Town Website
Berlin Elementary School
U-32 Middle & High School                

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Best known for its floating bridge - the only one east of the Mississippi, Brookfield is a quiet, historic town located in Orange County. Brookfield boasts Vermont's oldest, continually operating library which dates back to 1791. 

Brookfield, home to Sunset Lake is a great place for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Sunset Lake, besides being a popular summer spot, is also the site of the annual ice harvesting festival every winter. 

Children in Brookfield attend Brookfield Elementary and Randolph Union High School. ?

Brookfield Town Website
Brookfield Elementary School
Randolph Union High School

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Cabot is on the northeast edge of Washington County. This delightful town is home to Cabot Cooperative Creamery, a producer of award-winning cheeses and dairy products.

Cabot Town Website
Cabot School

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Calais (pronounced Kaliss) is divided into four smaller villages: East Calais, North Calais, Adamant, and Maple Corner. Calais is a picturesque mix of rolling open meadows, hillside farms, and, Vermont forest. Curtis Pond, Mirror Lake, Nelson Pond, and Sabin Pond offer boating, fishing, swimming, and skating – though not all at the same time.

The historic Kents Corner district invites visitors to imagine the horse and buggy era with its restored 18th and 19th-century farmhouses and barns. Traveling the back roads of Calais may give you the idea that Vermont is one place that might yet be unspoiled.?

Calais Town Website
Calais Elementary School
U-32 Middle & High School

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Known as the "Village in the Hills", Danville is a lovely, quaint town situated in the hills of Central Vermont. Once a mainly agricultural community, Danville today is more suburban. Danville offers its residents a strong sense of community, a focus on preserving historic buildings and landmarks, growing local businesses, preserving the environment, and providing its children with the best educational opportunities. ?

Danville Town Website
Danville School

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Duxbury is home to one of Vermont’s most distinctive mountains, Camel’s Hump. Camel’s Hump State Forest encompasses a significant portion of town and thanks to these thousands of acres of forest land, recreational opportunities abound.

Route 100 crosses the eastern side of Duxbury from Waterbury to Moretown, then to the Mad River Valley beyond. In winter, residents are close to skiing at Sugarbush, and Mad River Glen or if you care to drive a few more minutes, Bolton and Stowe are nearby.

Duxbury Town Website
Crossett Brook Middle School
Harwood Union High School

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East Montpelier

As you drive towards Spruce Mountain from Montpelier, you will notice the landscape change and the roads turn to gravel. This is the indication that you have entered East Montpelier. 

Montpelier Center is a settlement within East Montpelier and is where Montpelier was first settled. With an eye on enhancing commerce, local founding fathers shifted the focus of growth in the late 1700s and early 1800’s northeast to the present location of downtown Montpelier to take advantage of the Winooski and North Branch Rivers. Today, East Montpelier has great roads to walk, bike, and run – favorites of many in our office.

The town also has its own K-6 elementary school and is part of the U-32 Junior High and High School District. U-32 High School and its facilities are situated in East Montpelier.

East Montpelier Town Website
East Montpelier Elementary School
U-32 Middle & High School
Orchard Valley School

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Fayston is a small town, with tons of outdoor recreation opportunities. One of Fayston’s biggest attractions is the Mad River Glen ski area which is located on Stark Mountain. It is known to be one of the most challenging ski areas on the east coast. A second ski area, Mount Ellen, is located south of Stark Mountain. It is part of the Sugarbush Resort, which has a number of ski and hiking trails. Because of the surrounding mountains, Fayston is known for its picturesque views and hiking opportunities.

Fayston Town Website
Fayston Elementary School
Harwood Union High School

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Groton is a very close-knit community that is home to five state parks and one of the largest and most picturesque state forests in the state. Groton residents enjoy the annual Groton Fall Festival as well as the Fall Foliage Chicken Pie Supper, which has been called "the best small town chicken pie dinner in the world" by Yankee Magazine for 50 years. 

Groton Town Website
Blue Mountain Union School

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Maple Corner

Situated between Calais and East Montpelier, Maple Corner is a scenic village in the heart of Central Vermont. The Maple Corner Store, Calais Post Office, the south end of Curtis Pond, and the Calais Swimming Area are all within the village district of Maple Corner. 

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Living in the hills that form the watershed of the Winooski River provides an opportunity to build a healthy and sustainable community where a diverse group of people lives together in ways that create a sense of common interest in a common landscape. The economic, scenic, and wildlife values of the natural environment, in combination with the historic values of the built environment, provide a distinctive "sense of place" and a duty of stewardship in the Town of Marshfield.

The Marshfield landscape represents the accumulated results of the decision and compromises made by generations over time. Today’s landscape was created by a decline in agriculture, the return of the forest, a growth in population, and the introduction of conservation zoning and land-protection programs.

Marshfield Town Website

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Middlesex is just north of Montpelier. There’s plenty of privacy and no shortage of great views. 

Once a New Deal-era Civilian Conservation Corps camp, historic Camp Meade, located in Middlesex has seen a resurgence of energy. Red Hen Bakery and Nutty Steph’s Granola provide a satisfying social hub for the community and locals regularly stop in to pick up freshly baked treats.

The Wrightsville Reservoir provides wonderful canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. There’s a public beach, and canoe and kayak rentals are available at the livery.

Middlesex Town Website
Rumney Memorial School
U-32 Junior and Senior High

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This scenic rural community comes alive in the winter season as tourists fill the state. Situated between the Mad River and the Mad River Valley, with views of Sugarbush, Moretown offers splendid views from all directions. Take a drive on one of the many meandering country roads in Moretown and you'll truly see what makes Moretown such a special place to live. 

Moretown Town Website
Moretown Elementary School
Harwood Union High School

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This quiet, once agriculturally-focused town is home to Knox Mountain and Butterfield Mountain. Orange is one of Central Vermont's finest towns with idyllic Green Mountain views. Orange also has access to the Waits River. Residents enjoy four-season outdoor recreation. 

Orange Town Website

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The village of Plainfield, Vermont is made up of bookstores, an array of galleries, and the original site of Positive Pie (walnuts on pizza? Don’t laugh, it’s brilliant!). Plainfield has a national reputation as a center for artists, and “back to the landers” of all ages and generations.

This town is also home to Goddard College, which built a reputation for being progressive, open-minded, and socially active. The college has extended its reach beyond the quiet campus by taking advantage of distance learning opportunities but stays locally connected through a popular radio station, WGDR.

Plainfield Town Website
Twinfield Union School

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Just 15 miles from Montpelier and nestled between the Winooski and White Rivers, Roxbury is most notably known for its marble quarries. Roxbury's marble was used in the construction of many of the Nation's Capitol buildings as well as the Franklin Monument in Boston. 

Roxbury's central location, affordable homes, and scenic rolling hills make Roxbury a wonderful place to call home. 

Roxbury Town Website
Roxbury Village School

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Downtown Waitsfield has a number of great shops, cafes, and museums. For those interested in art, there is The Bundy Center for the Arts and the Mad River Glass Gallery. Food lovers would be happy to find that there are some great restaurants in the area, such as American Flatbread, which feature locally grown ingredients.

The town's close proximity to the Sugarbush Resort and Mad River Glen ski area is ideal for Waitsfield residents who enjoy skiing or hiking; you can enjoy a quieter home lifestyle while still having access to the nearby mountains.

Waitsfield Town Website
Waitsfield Elementary School
Harwood Union High School

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Set between two ranges of the Green Mountains and with 25% of the town under Green Mountain National Forest ownership, Warren is an outdoor adventurist's dream. Sugarbush Resort, a popular ski resort, is located in Warren. Warren is transversed by the Long Trail, a significant hiking trail that ranges from Massachusetts to Canada. 

Warren Town Website
The Warren School
Harwood Union High School

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Washington, Vermont is a lovely rural town offering unsurpassable panoramic views, a quiet lifestyle, and a close-knit community. You won't want to miss Washington when the leaves change in the fall! Outdoor recreationists will love the numerous waterways and the Washington Town Forest. Its isolated feel, yet close proximity to Montpelier makes it a great place for those commuting to the Capital Region. 

Washington Village School

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Living in the Capital Region, Williamstown residents enjoy both the urban and rural assets of Vermont. 

Williamstown has a strong independent flavor and is one of the few communities in our marketing area with no local zoning. This small community in Orange County shares Exit 5 on I-89 with Northfield. The village is just 10 miles south of Barre City on Route 14 or 10 miles up Route 64 from I-89. Williamstown is a residential community with desired retirement housing options including The Gardens assisted living.

Commercial and industrial areas have developed adjacent to the village center. Rolling wooded hills make this a winter playground for snowmobilers and scenic rides through Williamstown Gulch and back roads.

In the summer, Lotus Lake is one of the most popular summer camps around, offering day and extended youth camps for children of all ages.

Williamstown Official Website 
Williamstown Middle & High School
Williamstown Elementary

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Woodbury has long been known for its granite, of which more than five state capitol buildings were built. Today, Woodbury is home to several lakes, the Woodbury Town Forest, the Green Mountain Conservation, and the Buck Lake Wildlife Management Area. Residents enjoy a plethora of hiking trails and a rich and diversified mix of wildlife. 

Woodbury Elementary School

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Worcester (pronounced Wooster) is nearly one-third of the state-owned Putnam Forest and includes beautiful Mount Hunger. If you like to hike this is one to climb. Route 12 tracks the North Branch of the Winooski as it flows from Elmore toward Wrightsville Reservoir in Middlesex and beyond. Worcester Village is the site of LBJ’s general store, a popular meeting spot. The Doty Elementary School (K-6) can also be found in the village. Worcester is the northernmost town in the U-32 School District.

Worcester Town Website
Doty Memorial School
U-32 Junior and Senior High

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