Waterbury Vermont

Fishing in Waterbury with 2 Golden RetrieversWaterbury is a crossroads town on Exit 10 that puts outdoors enthusiasts in easy range of the Burlington community. Connecting Stowe, Bolton and Mad River Valley ski resorts to the regional businesses that have made this town popular.

The importance of skiing and proximity to the mountains should not be overlooked – no Waterbury resident would. They know they live near some of the best skiing in the world. 

Waterbury has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years, thanks in part to a new state office complex and the recent growth of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, currently the largest employer in the region. More famously, Waterbury is home to the original Ben and Jerry’s factory and founder Jerry Greenfield’s “If it’s not fun, why do it?” mindset that many Central Vermonters have adopted as their mantra.

Central Vermonters know Waterbury for its restaurants as well. Grab a freshly brewed pint at The Alchemist or enjoy Arvad’s family restaurant. Or, try Ocha Thai Restaurant, Hen of the Wood, Tanglewood’s, Michael’s on the Hill – all offer fine dining experiences that mesh surprisingly well with laid-back Central Vermont.

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