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Why A Seller's Agent is So Important

Home Seller Working With Real Estate AgentWorking with a professional real estate seller’s agent is always in your best interest when you are looking to sell your home for the highest possible price, in a timely manner, with peace of mind. It is often tempting to consider selling your home without a seller’s agent to save money, but it has proven to be a false economy time after time. Heney Realtors has been proudly serving Central Vermont since 1956. Working with a seller’s agent from Heney Realtors connects you to a wealth of experience, knowledge, marketing tools, and selling prowess to achieve the end result: the efficient sale of your home at the highest possible price. 

Full-time job: Selling your home is a job that requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and time. A real estate agent is a professional in the industry. Their job is to know how to sell your home effectively. They will represent you as they handle all the transactions necessary to market and sell your home. They will list the property, arrange viewings, negotiate sales, ensure all documents are in order and be accountable for the documents. Your seller’s agent has been thoroughly educated in the industry and will handle all the details. They are even available to pick up the phone and speak with a potential buyer at a moment’s notice (while you are busy with clients of your own at the office or putting your short game to the test on the links for a little mid-summer respite). 

Respect: Can you put a price on respect? Of course, you can. In the real estate market, the price of respect comes at the cost of the loss of a potential buyer who won’t see your home because a buyer’s agent would prefer to avoid dealing with an FSBO listing. The buyer’s agent knows they will encounter many time consuming and potentially costly problems. FSBO sellers are often viewed as unreasonable and difficult and avoided by buyer’s agents. Working with a seller’s agent tells the real estate community you respect the services they offer. You will connect to a large pool of qualified potential buyers represented by a buyer’s agent. 

Liability: We don’t want you to end up in court defending yourself after a sale. But if you do we will have taken great care and attention that all the t’s and i’s are crossed and dotted on your paperwork. Real estate agents carry “errors and omissions” insurance to protect against mistakes made in contracts. If you misrepresent a property or make a mistake on a contract the burden will fall on your shoulders. This can be a very costly mistake. You can sleep easy at night when you choose to work with a seller’s agent…they will keep your paperwork in order and take responsibility. 

Money: When you sell your home you want the highest possible price the current market will allow. If you price the home too low you may miss a potential sale as buyers may think something is wrong with the property. If you price the home too high you can quickly and easily turn away serious buyers. A seller’s agent from Heney’s Realtors is intimately familiar with the Central Vermont real estate market and will set the price according to fair market value. 

Qualified buyers: A seller’s agent will save you a lot of time by weeding out unqualified buyers. You won’t need to open the door and show your home to nosy neighbors and other unqualified “lookie-loos”. Seller’s agents are trained to ask questions that will determine the seriousness and qualification of a potential buyer before scheduling a viewing. 

Showing: It is very awkward for a potential buyer to encounter a seller when viewing their home. Your seller’s agent will show your home. This allows the buyer to view and consider their purchase without feeling the pressure of considering your feelings. They can take their time and ask questions, which then can be relayed to you tactfully and gracefully if need be. We respectfully ask that sellers not be present during a showing. It is best for all parties.

Marketing: Your seller’s agent from Heney Realtors has access to the MLS (multiple listing services) and will give you home maximum exposure to the widest possible audience with this and additional digital marketing tools. We maintain an internet presence on and NNEREN (Northern New England Real Estate Information Network) as well as our website to attract potential buyers to your home. 

Heney Realtors, Montpelier’s premier independent real estate brokerage, recognizes that every town is unique and every market is different. When choosing to work with us you are choosing a team who knows the Vermont market inside and out and the best way to sell your home. Contact us today!

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