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Winter Moving Tips

Moving During WinterGiven the opportunity to choose, most people wouldn't select winter as an ideal time to move. For the most part, winter moving isn't fun considering the potential bad weather, less than ideal road conditions, and the low number of houses in the market. 

Even so, there comes a time when it's absolutely necessary for you to move, either due to work or personal issues. If you're in such a situation, these tips will help you handle your winter moving like a boss with less hassle and maximum success.

Keep Checking on the Weather

The less-friendly weather conditions make winter moving a bit more tricky. It's possible the weather could change anytime and complicate your move. That's why you need to keep tabs on the weather.

It helps to keep checking the weather forecast as it will help you reduce the chances of getting caught up in nasty rain, snow, or even storms. 

Remove the Snow from Walkways and Driveways

Snowy walkways or driveways are a straight-up safety hazard. Now imagine walking on these walkways while hauling a heavy coach. That's a sure way to get a slip or fall-related injury. Therefore, you need to ensure the path to your house is as safe as possible.

Besides removing the snow and ice, clear off any obstacles that might block the path for the movers. You don't want to risk someone fracturing a bone or two and breaking your furniture in the process.

Turn the Heat Off for the Day

Well, it's winter, so you will probably have your house's heater on. But on moving day, you’ll have constant movement in and out, so turning the heat off, for the time being, might be a good idea and you can save some money on your heating bill. Be sure to bundle up in some warm clothes.

Get Help or a Babysitter to Assist with the Kids and Pets

Carrying heavy stuff on cold snow is no easy task. Now imagine constantly having to check up on little humans who can't help you carry anything. That's why it's best not to do it alone. Whether you opt to seek help from family, friends, or a babysitter, that extra hand will ensure your kids give you an easier time and keep the pets out of your way while moving.

Consider Packing Early

Besides making it easier for you to arrange everything in order, packing early will save you from the stress that comes with hurried, last minute packing. Winter moving requires a bit more preparedness compared to other times, hence packing ahead of time can help you streamline the moving process. The earlier you pack, the better for you since you won't be caught up scrambling when the snowy weather hits.

Check the Utilities at The New House

Imagine moving into a new house, only to find out that you can turn on the heat, and it's cold outside. It is always advisable to check in advance if the utilities in your new home are available and working correctly. Otherwise, you could have to spend your first night in the dark since you forgot to check the electricity before moving in.

Stay Warm

Always put your winter wear close by and use them as much as possible. When moving during winter you are exposed to a wide range of temperatures from warm vehicle and house interiors to freakishly cold outdoors. Avoid exposing yourself to the cold and ensure you keep warm with proper coats, gloves, scarves, boots, and hats.

Final Thoughts

If you're moving during winter, remember it isn't so much different from moving at other times, only that the weather makes it a bit more complicated. You just need to plan and work a little more diligently. If you're looking to buy or sell a home in Vermont this winter, contact Heney Realtors and let us put our expertise to work for you!

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