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Seller Tip--Be Accommodating for Showings

Seller Tip--Be Accommodating For Showings

When I was a kid, my parents planned the whole week's worth of menus and activities in advance, and then put it up on the refrigerator. I know other people whose schedules make it hard for them to even talk to each other before weekends.

Selling a house in Montpelier Area

Short Notice? Make It Work!

Different folks plan differently. As someone selling a house in Central Vermont, it can be to your advantage to be accommodating to as many showings as possible. Even with short notice. Usually buyers will be able to give a day's notice...but not always.

And sometimes, even while buyers are out with their Realtors looking at other houses, the conversation will turn to your house, and they'll want to schedule a showing. Do you have to accept the showing? No, but if it's at all possible, you should.

You just never know when that buyer is going to make their decision, and you want to be in the mix.

True confessions: If your house is anything like mine, it's not exactly "stage-ready" most of the time. Buyers understand that too. So run around really quickly, put the clothes and dishes away, make the beds, clear the table. Maybe run a vacuum.

Buyers will appreciate that you've done everything you could to make the house ready for a showing. When they come back for the second showing (optimism!), you'll get more notice and you can really dazzle them.

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