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A Week in the Life of a Montpelier Realtor

Curious as to what Montpelier Realtors does during the day?

It's impossible to spell out a "typical" day.

On a recent sunny (but freezing cold) day, I spent the afternoon driving around Barre, Northfield, Roxbury, and Montpelier taking updated photos of listings.  Bright blue sky and bright white snow made for great pictures.

And yes, that was me traipsing through a 10 acre piece of land for sale in Northfield, wearing a tie and snowboots, taking pictures.

Another day last week, I met with buyers in a vacant house. No power, no heat.  But they knew exactly

Cold Enough Fer Ya?

what they wanted, and were ready to write up an offer.  So there we were, in the waning hours of daylight, in a freezing cold house for sale in Barre Town, filling out paperwork.

But I've been in their shoes before, and I recognized their excitement. They didn't want to wait a day to put in an offer. And while my handwriting was a little sloppier than usual due to the cold, we got everything together and submitted a good, solid offer.

Lastly, Friday afternoon was a fairly slow day in the office, and I was trying to catch up on paperwork, and put some finishing touches on a couple of negotiations. A client came in with a bottle of champagne (presumably for my wife and me) and a bottle of

Cold Enough Fer Ya?

sparkling apple juice (presumably for our daughters). We caught up and reconnected--and did NOT pop the champagne!

It was a powerful reminder of one of the great parts of being a Realtor in Central Vermont.