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Independence Day and Real Estate

Independence Day and Real Estate 

This past Independence Day ignited a flurry of buyer activity. Talking with customers and clients, it seemed as if summer's slow start lulled people a bit. Then, all of a sudden, they looked at the calendar and realized that summer's half over.  For anyone who is on the fence about buying property in the Barre-Montpelier area and who wants to take advantage of summer's easier moving, it's time to get out there. Take advantage of the inventory we have right now and find your next (or first) home.  

I know you're still searching for a deeper connection between the words I chose for the title of this post, and I promise it's not merely seasonal. It's time to declare your independence from whatever it is about your current place that doesn't work for you and your family.  Maybe it's too small. Maybe it's too big. Maybe it's just that you've been there for several years and are ready for a change.  Hopefully you're not literally being quashed under the thumb of an oppressive 18th century colonial power. But if you are, perhaps a nice condo is just the thing for you.

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