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5 Reasons to Buy a Home in the Fall

House in the FallThe idea of buying a home during fall doesn't follow the conventional wisdom we're used to, but it's actually the best time of the year to purchase a home. 

While there are understandable reasons why most people prefer to buy their homes during spring or summer, we will break it down for you why you are better off buying a house in the fall rather than any other time of the year.

1. There's Less Competition

You are more likely to get into competition with a lot more home buyers in the spring or summer than in the fall. During spring and summer, most homeowners list their properties at premium prices. The summer real estate season has more willing buyers due to favorable weather conditions, so properties don't stay on the market for long.

You are less likely to find yourself in a bidding war for a home during the fall. In most cases, initially overpriced homes that didn't get buyers during the summer will be up for grabs in the fall.

2. The Realtor Will Give You More Attention

With everyone trying to buy their homes in summer, realtors are usually dealing with many more buyers. However, as fall approaches, the real estate market temperature cools down, enabling realtors to give you more attention. You’ll also have more time to go through all the homes extensively.

3. You'll See the Home for What It Is Flaws and All

The fall has some of the harshest weather, which in turn causes various weather-related issues. Therefore, when you purchase a home in the fall, you are more likely to see the home at its worst before purchasing it.

Harsh weather strips houses of their paint and other modifications. Therefore, if a home is still in good shape during the fall, then it's one great house.

4. It is Easier to Get a Deal

Owning a home isn't easy. On top of the taxes, add various maintenance costs that make it even hard to keep a house that you put on the market a couple of months ago. A desperate seller always equals a better deal for the buyer. 

This fall might be your chance to get a new home at the best price. Most owners don't want to drag the sale of their house late into the winter since it might mean waiting till spring to get it off the market.

5. Furnishing and Home Appliance Deals

The fall coincides with the early November and Christmas shopping deals. This means you will get great deals on home appliances and furnishings to spruce up your home once you move in.  

The fall is always the ideal time for these purchases as you are more likely to save big bucks than any other time of the year.

Buying a Home in Vermont

If you live in Vermont or need to buy a new home, there isn't a better place to start than with Heney Realtors. We can show you homes that fit your lifestyle and your budget in Central Vermont, as well as answer any questions about the towns and neighborhoods. There are many realtors out there, but it’s best to have one that knows the area inside and out. 

If you missed out on a chance to buy a home in the spring or summer, there’s still time to buy a home this fall. Contact an agent today!


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    How to Quickly Sell Your Vermont Home for Top Dollar

    Home in VermontIf you're looking to sell your Vermont home fast, now is a great time because we are in a hot seller's market. If you also want to sell your property for top dollar, here are five things you must consider.

    1. Get the help of a seasoned realtor

    It is possible to list and sell your home by yourself if you are willing to put in the necessary work. However, always consider getting the help of an experienced Vermont realtor when possible. From personally handling all the legal paperwork to listing, staging, and managing negotiations by yourself, the process of selling a home can become quite laborious. A real estate professional will take the load off of your shoulders.

    2. Determine the true value of your property

    The key to getting top dollar on the property you wish to sell is knowing its market worth. Unfortunately, many Vermont residents struggle with this and undervalue their properties without meaning to. A seasoned realtor that knows the Vermont market can help you put the best price tag on your home. They know all the points of a property that account for its price. Get professional help to appraise your home, and you are far more likely to sell it for the best possible price!

    3. Decide on the best time to list

    Did you know that there are certain times of year that are better for selling homes than others? Consider how the changing of the seasons impacts the behaviors of people living in Vermont. Based on this information, it is possible to determine the best time to list your property for sale. For instance, people looking to buy homes in Vermont prefer to search for listings during the early spring season, with the school years closing, and summer is around the corner. Other local circumstances can also affect the best time to list your home on the market, and your real estate agent should relay them to you. In the end, the choice of when to list is yours, but be sure to get an expert's opinion before you pick your date.

    4. Prepare well for an open house when you list

    The best-prepared homes listed in the Vermont real estate market always leave a good impression on visitors, so take the time to make yours look as attractive as possible. Kick up the curb appeal with some landscaping on the yard. Take the time to stage the rooms adequately, so potential buyers can see what the home looks like when furnished. It can be a daunting task when you undertake it on your own, but having your realtor handling it for you can make the whole process easier. They know what it takes to stage your property beautifully, and they can ensure that it looks its best to potential buyers.

    5. Let your realtor handle the negotiations

    Once you've listed your property on the Vermont housing market with the help of your experienced real estate agent, the next challenging step begins: negotiating a good offer. Assuming it went up for sale at the most convenient time, you should be receiving new offers. Of course, getting an offer at your asking price is ideal. However, prepare for the possibility that offers can also come under your asking price. In these situations, having your realtor take care of the negotiations on your behalf to get you the best final price is the ideal move. These agents dedicate themselves to making sure you sell your home in Vermont for top dollar.

    Taking these five tips to heart and implementing them is a great way to help you get top dollar for your listing. Even with as much research as you can do, nothing beats the kind of support you can get from a seasoned Vermont realtor. They will help you through the entire selling process, from valuing your property to listing and eventually managing negotiations and closing with all the legal paperwork. The market is ready for you to sell your Vermont home: it is up to you to put your best foot forward.


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      Our Response To COVID-19

      To Our Customers, Clients and Friends:


      Our strategy for how best to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve. Our offices are open on a limited basis with basic staffing. A number of our team are working from home. We continue to be available to you during normal business hours by telephone or email. We are dedicated to providing the support you need. Please call or email any of us if you have questions about properties that are for sale or negotiations and transactions in process.

      Vermonters are resourceful and we are experiencing this every day as home inspectors, lenders, attorneys, town clerks and so many others that play important roles in real estate transactions work to overcome obstacles as we all work together to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

      The process of viewing homes and properties is a challenge in respect to the call for social distancing and concern for all parties. We are still showing homes and other properties and ask that everyone use their best judgement to determine if a viewing is appropriate or it might be a situation where all involved will be best served if postponed until life can go back to normal. Hopefully this will be in just a few weeks.

      Our website at is a great resource and we will work to ensure you have access to the most current information possible. Please feel free to reach out if we can be of assistance in any way.

      Your Heney Realtors Team



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        Vermont = 2.07 Million Gallons of Maple Syrup in 2019

        Making Maple Syrup in Vermont

        A total of 4.2 million gallons of maple syrup was produced in the United States last year and Vermont produced 49% of that
        amount with New York State and Maine being the second and third largest producers. But it was not always miles of sap lines
        and vacuum systems to gently pull the sap from the trees and reverse osmosis to remove much of the water prior to boiling. When sugaring season begins, and it may only last 35 days, is when I am most proud of my maternal grandfather, Edward H. Jones who was Vermont’s Commissioner of Agriculture from 1924 to 1944 working under eight Vermont Governors. Ed recognized the need for cleanliness to make the higher grades of maple syrup, with advice such as “gather sap from clean, covered pails” and introduced maple syrup labels for the cans proudly stating “fully guaranteed under the pure food laws to contain nothing but the product of maple.”

        Edward H. Jones

        Ed was also a leader in developing maple cream as a commercial product and proudly shipped Valley Mead Farm products across the United States. We have made real progress in the direction of producing better quality farm stuff and getting it to market. Ed was proud to advertise and market maple products and even had a miniature sugarhouse which he loaded on trains and showed the sugaring process at conventions and expositions around the states. My ninth-generation nieces and nephews still use this structure today. I sincerely hope you will visit a sugarhouse this year and try some “sugar on snow” with plain donuts and sour pickles which is a long-standing Vermont tradition and possibly remember the man who was looking into the future so long ago. 

        By Dave Jamieson, Broker 


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          Remembering- Growing Up and Sugaring!

          Road to Waitsfield CommonVon Trapp farm

          This picture is the road leading up to the present day Von Trapp farm on Waitsfield Common. The snow was plowed with a mechanical giant on tracks with a V plow and wings to push the snow back, hence the near vertical snow banks separating us from the sap buckets. My brother Dick, Howard Corliss and Alan Richardson would gather the sap, removing the ice from the buckets (ensuring your hands were always wet and cold) and climb back down to dump the sap into the holding tank pulled by our horses Tom and Jerry.

          Our day would start early with chores of cleaning, watering and feeding in the barn and then to the house for breakfast and then off to gather sap which was a great cash crop for the farm and very important for our family income. Lunch was often delivered to the sugarhouse where we boiled eggs in the sap and had a quick lunch before returning to our gathering duties. This was not just for sunny days and we worked in cold rain, snow and I remember well breaking through the crust with each step while trying not to spill the precious sap before we delivered to the dray.

          And just when darkness approached and hopefully the day was finished, we would remember we had to do the barn chores. A quick supper and then back to the barn for all the all too familiar cleaning, watering and feeding and finally the end of the day. When we finally entered the house, our mother would look at us and say “what about your homework.” This has often made me wonder if this was the reason I never became a scholar. 

          By Dave Jamieson, Broker


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            Gorgeous 4 Bedroom Home For Sale in Roxbury Vermont

            Craftsman Character in the Heart of Vermont

            1970 Winch Hill Road
            Roxbury, Vermont 05669


            1970 Winch Hill Road - exterior 1970 Winch Hill Road - cathedral ceiling1970 Winch Hill Road - exposed beams1970 Winch Hill Road - Upclose exterior

            This gorgeous 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home features a "bow" roof design and many traditional elements. Enjoy 24 private acres as well as  sweeping views of the mountains in the distance. The open floor plan lends itself to entertaining, as does the large back deck and yard. Cathedral ceilings, exposed beams, two fireplaces, built-ins, a hot tub, a one bay attached garage, a two bay detached garage with storage space, natural woodwork, and skylights give this home stunning character. This home is a gorgeous example of Vermont's craftsmanship, from its large front door featuring bullseye glass to its original doors throughout the home. You really must see this home yourself to truly appreciate the unique beauty. Contact Tim Heney to schedule a showing today! 

            1970 Winch Hill Road - built in1970 Winch Hill Road - back deck1970 Winch Hill Road - back exterior 1970 Winch Hill Road - pasture view

            Holiday Home Decorating Contest!

            Heney Realtors is holding a Holiday Home Decorating Contest! We're looking for homes in the Barre, Berlin, Montpelier, and Northfield areas that are showing their Holiday Spirit!

            Send us a picture of your outdoor decorations on our Facebook page or email it to by December 19th, 2014. 

            Our group of judges will be choosing the top 3 decorated homes and award them each with local prizes. 

            For those of you who have your homes for sale, this is a great opportunity for you! Get your home noticed this Holiday season with great lights and lawn ornaments! Because really, what draws your attention more...?

            Home in Vermont

            No lights...OR... LIGHTS???

             Home with Holiday Lights

            We're excited about this contest and hope you are too! Have fun and good luck!



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            Building a house in Central Vermont

            Dodge Lots 2
            Dodge Farm has 5 lots for sale. Sweeping mountain views. Excellent location. Close to Montpelier, Barre, Berlin, I89. Great schools. $15,000 incentive available to first lot purchased in 2014.

            Building your Central Vermont Dream Home starts with the land. You have to find the right location: Is it convenient to work? Family and friends? What are the neighboring properties like? Is it in the school district you want? Then you have to like the lay of the land: Are you looking for something flat so you can garden? Or covered in maple trees so you can sugar? Once you find a location and topography you like you start to look into the basics: road, electric, water, septic, build site. Ideally some or all of those are in place.

            Breathtaking views of the Worcester Mountain Range. Build your Central Vermont Dream House and enjoy.

            If you are building a house in Central Vermont consider starting with a choice piece of land:  The Dodge Farm lots in Berlin. The location is beautiful with sweeping mountain views. It is also convenient- just minutes to I89, Montpelier and Barre. The school district is considered very desirable. The lots are clear and level to gently sloping. The road in is well built with good drainage. There is underground power for each lot. The land has been perc tested and septic permits approved. There are proposed site plans. Essentially, much of the heavy lifting has been done. You can concentrate on the layout and finishes of your dream home rather than where to put the road and culverts.

            Central Vermont Land for sale. Build ready. Berlin, VT. Great location. Beautiful views. Septic design permitted. Site plan available. Great Road. Underground electric.


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              Central Vermont Real Estate - 2013 Market Report

              We shared with you the numbers calculated for the housing indicator: number of sales per town for 2013 in the last post. Take a look at the results of other housing indicators of the central Vermont real estate market in 2013.

              Average Sale Price

              Average sale price is perhaps the most talked about housing indicator. The chart below illustrates the volatility of this indicator over the last 5 years. For example the U-32 towns (Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex and Worcester) showed phenomenal growth in average sale price in 2013 over 2012. This more than compensated for the drop in average sale price which dropped sharply from 2011 to 2012. Montpelier continued to show solid appreciation with an 8.3% increase in average sale price to $239,930. Barre Town, a leader in growth in total number of sales showed a lesser increase in its average sale price. This followed a substantial $29,500 decrease in average sale price from 2011 to 2012. Waterbury's average sale price of $305,777 was one of the highest in Washington County. The average sale price of a Washington County home was $233,096 for 2013.








              Barre City






              Barre Town
























                                                                                                                       Average Sale Price

              Days on Market

              Day on the market (DOM) is a dynamic number that indicates the number of days a property has been on the market until it goes under contract. The escrow period (between accepted offer and closing) is not part of this calculation. DOM is viewed as a loose indictor of the health of the market. Information for this one is only available for properties listed and sold through realtors. This information is not available for sales by unrepresented sellers. In addition, DOM only considers the time that a property was listed with the final listing broker and does not reflect that a seller or another broker may have previously had the property on the market. In smaller towns with fewer total sales, a few properties that take longer to sell will have an undue impact on this number.    

                                                                                                           2013 AVERAGE DAYS ON MARKET

              TOWN DOM
              Barre City 123
              Barre Town 152
              Montpelier 115
              U32 : Berlin 150
              U32 : Calais 281
              U32 : E.  Montpelier 107
              U32 : Middlesex 185
              U32 : Worcester 125
              Northfield 133
              Waterbury 147
              Washington County Avg 154




              In 2012 the typical DOM was 5 to 6 months on the market and for 2013 dropped 4 to 5 months. This is a sign that the market has shifted from a "Buyer's Market" dynamic to a more balanced dynamic.


              Check out what's on the market now: FOR SALE

              Visit our FACEBOOK page


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                Real estate is all about figures, prices and payments and if you are into property buying and selling, you need to at least familiarize yourself with these essential aspects.

                2013 - A Year of Growth for Central Vermont Real Estate

                How is the Central Vermont real estate market?

                This is a frequently asked question and a good one too;  the health of the housing market is an economic indicator that impacts buyers, sellers, and everyone in between.

                We took a look at some key indicators of  real estate in Central Vermont for 2013 using data compiled from some major sources and compared these 2013 indicators to the previous four years. One major source we utilized is the multiple listing service (MLS), where the majority of Vermont real estate sales transacted by licensed brokers are recorded. In addition to MLS, we utilized the Vermont real estate sales online database which gathers information from the Vermont Department of Taxes to create a comprehensive list of all real estate sales that may or may not be recorded in the MLS. From the statistics gathered, it is exciting to report that growth and improvement summarize Central Vermont real estate market in 2013.

                The key indicators that we looked at are the number of sales of single family residences, average sale price, and number of days a property was on the market. The towns focused on while looking at these indicators are:  MontpelierBarre, U32 (BerlinCalaisEast MontpelierMiddlesex and Worcester), and Northfield

                The information presented below will specifically be about the number of sales of single family residences in Washington County, categorized by town.

                In 2013 home sales increased in every major community as compared with the number of home sales in 2012. 2013 also produced the highest number of Central Vermont Real Estate home sales for any year in the last five years.

                NUMBER OF SALES BY TOWN







                Barre City






                Barre Town
































                As you will note above, Barre Town posted a strong increase year after year and the U-32 towns  posted an amazing 88% jump after four years of consistent numbers. Waterbury posted around 57 residential sales.

                Numbers don't lie. Considering the overall increase of number of sales in 2013 and the kickoff of activity we've experienced in the new year, we expect 2014 to be another year of steady growth for Central Vermont real estate.

                Check out what is on the market now at our new and improved website and don't forget to visit our Facebook page!