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Where to Watch the Best Local Sports

Vermont may be a small state, but if you're looking for big time sporting action Vermont has plenty of local teams to root for. If high school sports are your idea of a good time, you can find a plentitude of local teams in your area to support, however if you would like to watch higher levels of competition, there are a number of college and minor league teams in Vermont as well.

The Vermont Lake Monsters:  A minor league baseball team based out of Burlington, Vermont, the Lake Monsters are a Class-A Short Season affiliate with the Oakland Athletics. The Lake Monsters team plays at Centennial field in Burlington, Vermont. The Lake Monsters are very popular in Vermont and their games draw fans from all over the state. The team has produced many notable alumni including Jordan Zimmerman, Ian Desmond, Jason Bay and Milton Bradley. If you are looking for great baseball, look no further than the Vermont Lake Monsters. For more information, please visit their website.

The Vermont Mountaineers: A collegiate summer baseball team based in Montpelier, Vermont, the Vermont Mountaineers have one of the most dedicated fan bases of any Vermont sporting team. If you live in central Vermont, going to see at least one game is a must. The Mountaineers play at the historic Recreation field in Montpelier, Vermont. With excellent food options, plenty of great seating and a positive atmosphere, watching a Mountaineer's game is a fantastic way to spend an evening. Positioned in one of the top spots this year in their league, a Vermont Mountaineers baseball game is experience that shouldn't be missed. For more information, please visit their website.

The University of Vermont Athletics:  Based in Burlington, Vermont, the University of Vermont offers a wide variety of sports to meet the needs of any kind of sports fan. These Division 1 College athletes are a blast to watch and many are at the top of their respective conferences.  The Men's basketball team has consistently made the NCAA basketball tournament, while the Men's Hockey team has also done well over the past couple of years and the past graduated such well-known names as Martin St. Louis and Tim Thomas. The University of Vermont also hosts a wide variety of women's sports including women's soccer and lacrosse. For more information on UVM athletics and team schedules, please visit their website.

Norwich Athletics: Based in Northfield, Vermont, Norwich University has over a dozen division 2 college level sports teams.  Whether you are a fan of men's or women's sports, Norwich Athletics has you covered. Norwich Men's and Women's hockey teams and the Norwich rugby team fell just one game short of winning the division II series.  Recently, the school has renovated Sabine field to include a track and walking sidewalk circling the field, a new grandstand, and a state-of-the-art press box. For more information on teams and yearly schedules, please visit their website.


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      Central Vermont Events in August

      Events in Central Vermont

      Click to enlarge the calendar of events for Central and Northern Vermont

      At Heney, we care about more than real estate. Here's a handy calendar filled with all of the events going on in Central and Northern Vermont this August.


      Jackpot of Fabulous Prizes

      Negotiating and personal property with buying real estate in Barre

      But wait, there's more!

      By Ray Mikus

      In addition to an actual house, when you buy real estate in the Montpelier/Barre area, you may be interested in some additional personal property. Personal property are items such as appliances, or furniture that may or may not be included in the transaction.

      Many items of personal property are commonly included (at no monetary value) in the sale of real estate.

      Sometimes other items come up during negotiations. Common examples are lawnmowers, snowblowers, tools, and yard equipment (including tractors). I've even seen a buyer ask for a canoe that was being stored in the garage.

      Everything's open to negotiation when you're buying a house in the Montpelier/Barre area. The glitch is that if a lender feels as if the value of the personal property is, well, some real value. Banks make loans collateralized on real estate. So if the canoe comes with the property, it's sometimes better to make a separate purchase between the buyer and the seller.

      On occasion, sellers are happy to get rid of things they won't need anymore. A few hundred dollars might set up a new homeowner with dining room furniture, bedframes, televisions, or more. Just make sure that everything is in writing, everything is on the level, and that the jackpot of fabulous prizes doesn't get to be more of an important factor than the real estate itself.

      December Market Update--You Know You Want to Know!

      Ray Mikus

      The November real estate numbers are in. See below for the total listings, sales, and new listings in Montpelier, Barre, U32, and Northfield. At the bottom of this post, you can see what sold, for how much, and how long it took.

      Active New in Nov Under Deposit Closed in Nov Closed Nov 11-Nov 12
      Barre City 65 7


      1 65
      Barre Town 62 4 3 10 74
      Montpelier 43 7 8 6 67
      U32 54 2 11 5 57
      Northfield 49 4 3 1 27
      Totals 273 24 30 23 290


      And comparing to a year ago, the biggest "wow" data is the total number of sales. An additional 45 sales in the comparable 12-month cycles is huge in a market this size. The gain was spread throughout the market towns, with only the U32 towns seeing fewer sales year on year. Again, on the whole, the Central Vermont real estate market appears to be very healthy.


      Also, the renovation of the new office at 135 Washington Street in Barre is just about finished. Feel free to stop by and see the new digs anytime after 12/15!

      New 11/11 New 11/12 Closed 11/11 Closed 11/12 Closed 11/10-11/11 Closed 11/11-11/12
      Barre City 7 7 4 1 45 65
      Barre Town 11 4 1 10 53 74
      Montpelier 8 7 3 6 63 67
      U32 4 2 5 5 62 57
      Northfield 4 4 1 1 22 27
      Totals 34 24 14 23 245 290




      And here are the closed transactions for November. Remember that I'm a total real estate nerd and have researched each of these transactions individually to learn the history. For example, a property that was on the market twice in a row for four months each time should, in my opinion, show as being on the market for eight months.


      I also include any seller concession at closing as a reduction in total sale price. Makes sense to me because that's really the net purchase price. Also, that's how appraisers look at the sales.


      Someone asked this last time...DOM means Days on Market. That might be on the test.

      Town Address Original List Final List Closing Price DOM
      Barre City 26 Hill St $108,500 $99,500 $97,000 156
      Barre Town 836 Graniteville Rd $112,500 $90,000 $82,500 210
      Barre Town 284 Route 14 $109,000 $105,000 $85,000 160
      Barre Town 23 Cogswell $109,000 $109,000 $101,500 440
      Barre Town 23 Meadowcrest $139,900 $139,900 $133,000 34
      Barre Town 14 Panther Dr $145,000 $145,000 $133,920 17
      Barre Town 115 Middle Rd $159,900 $159,900 $149,500 401
      Barre Town 264 Middle Rd $198,500 $195,000 $184,785 91
      Barre Town 5 Scenic View $229,000 $219,000 $204,000 148
      Barre Town 26 Pine Ridge $225,000 $225,000 $210,000 41
      Barre Town 280 Richardson Rd $365,000 $285,700 $265,000 114
      Belin 339 Browns Mill $179,000 $179,000 $174,019 16
      Berlin 180 Chandler Rd $230,000 $199,000 $180,000 791
      Calais 42 Marshfield Rd $61,000 $28,000 $17,500 159
      Calais 760 Kent Hill Rd $349,000 $349,000 $267,500 1184
      East Montpelier 579 Bliss Rd $325,000 $299,000 $290,030 62
      Montpelier 20 Independence Gr $132,000 $124,900 $118,243 161
      Montpelier 172 Berlin St $194,500 $148,900 $135,900 370
      Montpelier 26 Pleasantview St $179,000 $159,000 $152,000 528
      Montpelier 11 Colonial Dr $214,900 $214,900 $192,500 70
      Montpelier 6 Greenfield Terr $284,000 $267,000 $248,000 152
      Montpelier 11 Merrill Terrace $325,000 $325,000 $312,000 7
      Northfield 94 Expansion Lane $35,000 $35,000 $31,000 120


      Want more? Or want to talk about what these numbers mean to buyers and sellers? Call or email.







      October Real Estate Market Report--Montpelier, Barre, Northfield, U32

      Ray Mikus

      Here's the unofficial state of the Central Vermont real estate market for the end of September. The data comes from research that I have done on the current and past sales and market activity.


      Active New in Sept Under Contract Closed in Sept
      Barre City 69 11 6 2
      Barre Town 71 11 7 8
      Montpelier 45 7 9 5
      U32 66 7 9 4
      Northfield 54 3 3 3
      Totals 305 39 34 22


      And comparing to the same numbers over the past 12 months:


      New 9/11 New 9/12 Closed 9/11 Closed 9/12 Closed 9/10-9/11 Closed 9/11-9/12
      Barre City 7 11 9 2 51 66
      Barre Town 15 11 7 8 64 68
      Montpelier 11 7 6 5 66 66
      U32 6 7 8 4 64 58
      Northfield 4 3 0 3 18 27
      Totals 43 39 24 22 263 285


      Numbers like these are a continual source of entertainment for me.  Barre Town, Montpelier, and U32 all saw nearly identical sales figures over the past two years. Northfield and Barre City experienced notable increases in the number of sales. In fact, where there were 22 additional sales in 2011-2012 in the total central Vermont market, there were 24 additional sales in those two (the smallest two) markets.

      Here's another reminder that Heney Realtors is expanding to meet the growing need for our services to both buyers and sellers. If you are, or you know someone who might be interested in a career in real estate, please call or email.  Sales experience is helpful, but not necessary. We're not looking for people who are good Realtors. Instead, we want good people who are Realtors.

      And, just because you're curious and like to be the life of the party, here are September's sales figures. I took the extra time to track each closed property to see the original list price, the original list date, and whether there were any price concessions made. The days on market column takes into consideration whether a property was on the market, and removed before coming back on. It does not take into consideration when property was for sale by owner, then listed with a Realtor and sold.

      Please call or email for additional information, or if you have any questions (preferably, but not necessarily, related to real estate).


      Town Address Original Price Final Price Closing Price Days on Mkt
      Barre City 190 Fairview $99,900 $99,900 $96,900 10
      Barre City 29 Warren $119,000 $119,000 $120,000 11
      Barre City 4 Daniel Drive $225,000 $199,000 $187,900 123
      Barre City 43 Circle $109,000 $105,000 $94,000 236
      Barre City 122 Batchelder #7 $127,800 $127,800 $122,000 338
      Barre City 11 Westwood Pkwy $140,000 $135,000 $125,000 356
      Barre City 34 Fecteau #25 $195,000 $175,000 $173,500 539
      Barre Town 13 Lisa Drive $375,000 $375,000 $365,000 6
      Barre Town 22 Orchard Terrace $140,000 $140,000 $140,500 34
      Barre Town 5 West Skylark $169,900 $159,900 $145,900 36
      Barre Town 104 Sugarwoods $297,000 $297,000 $285,000 38
      Barre Town 80 Cassie $153,000 $153,000 $153,000 67
      Barre Town 58 LePage $189,000 $179,000 $150,000 225
      Barre Town 20 Countryside $300,000 $265,000 $250,000 318
      Barre Town 479 Cutler Corner $399,000 $344,900 $315,000 500
      Barre Town 24 Granview $175,000 $149,000 $148,410 838
      Calais 104 Justa Rd $246,000 $199,000 $196,000 31
      Calais 6067 Route 14 $189,000 $175,000 $165,000 774
      East Montpelier 405 Haggett $209,000 $209,000 $199,500 100
      Middlesex 24 Bolduc $177,000 $177,000 $177,500 57
      Worcester 104 Worcester Village Rd $259,500 $248,500 $248,500 136
      Montpelier 3 Pleasant $248,000 $248,000 $245,200 3
      Montpelier 273 Berlin $184,000 $184,000 $178,000 12
      Montpelier 23 Roberts $180,000 $180,000 $177,000 33
      Montpelier 20 Deerfield Dr $254,900 $254,900 $235,000 82
      Montpelier 3 Taplin $155,000 $102,000 $94,500 117
      Montpelier 26 Woodrow $384,000 $385,000 $370,000 174
      Montpelier 212 Cityside #53 $208,900 $208,900 $188,000 235
      Montpelier 95 East State $228,000 $224,900 $210,000 274
      Montpelier 179 North St $278,000 $278,000 $238,500 358
      Montpelier 10 Hubbard Park Dr $320,000 $305,000 $305,000 446
      Northfield 5 Riverside $40,000 $40,000 $35,600 39
      Northfield 1443 Hallstrom $112,500 $112,500 $106,100 141
      Northfield 745 Freeman $975,000 $825,000 $742,500 1164
      Roxbury 1025 Thurston Hill $203,000 $189,000 $168,000 67

      September Real Estate Market Report for Barre, Montpelier, U32, and Northfield

      By Ray Mikus

      Here are the numbers for August:


      Active New in Aug Under Contract Closed in Aug Closed last 12   months
      Barre City 76 10 3 7 66
      Barre Town 78 15 12 9 65
      Montpelier 52 11 6 10 66
      U32 79 12 7 5 61
      Northfield 56 5 3 4 25
      Totals 341 53 31 35 283


      And comparing to last year:

      New 8/12 New 8/11 Closed 8/12 Closed 8/11 Closed   8/11-8-12 Closed 8/10-8/11
      Barre City 10 16 7 2 66 51
      Barre Town 15 11 9 5 65 58
      Montpelier 11 11 10 5 66 63
      U32 12 9 5 7 61 65
      Northfield 5 2 4 1 25 19
      Totals 53 49 35 20 283 256

      Discussion:  Even if it's been awhile since your last math class, and even if you've never had an economics class, this is going to make sense: Compared to last year, there were fewer new listings, and more sales in the Central Vermont market. That adds up to a reduction in inventory and a very clear sign that the market is shifting toward normalization. And, perhaps even toward a sellers' market. There, I said it.

      On the rolling twelve month cycle, four of the five distinct markets saw an uptick in the number of sale. U32 was the only market that experienced a slight dip.

      Looking at August's sales, it's interesting to note that the average sale price in Montpelier was very close to the average sale price in Barre Town. And, taking away the $742,500 sale in Northfield (a bit of an outlier), Barre Town and Montpelier were the markets with the highest sale prices.

      VA and RD Loans: These loans can be very attractive to lots of buyers. VA (Veterans' Administration) loans are available only to those who have served in the military. RD (Rural Development) loans are available to everyone, and allow for up to 100% financing backed by the USDA.  Check with your favorite lender, or contact Heney Realtors with questions.

      But there's a big catch. Both of these loan programs require the property to meet certain standards. The loan products tend to work better on newer homes and those in better condition. Things like cracked or peeling paint, ungrounded electrical outlets, and lack of handrails can prevent a property from qualifying.

      Which means that if you're using RD or VA, you need to be very careful about the details of the houses you're looking at. If you're a seller, and an offer comes in with a buyer using one of these loans, know that there may be some additional repairs or improvements needed to bring transaction to closing. Who has to pay for them? That's all negotiable.

      Lease-Purchase Options: I get a lot of questions about these (also known as "rent to own"). They can work in some circumstances, but they need to be structured correctly. They also depend on unique circumstances for both the buyer and seller. The seller needs to be comfortable as a landlord. Also, the seller must not need the money from the sale to move on to the next house (because the money won't be there until the sale, sometime in the future).

      The buyer needs to be very confident that a purchase will be in the foreseeable future (6-12 months, generally, but it's all negotiable). Buyer must have a substantial non-refundable deposit for the "option". 5-10% of the purchase price wouldn't be uncommon. And the buyer must be able to remedy the reason they can't buy right now. For example, if it's a question of credit needing to be improved, the buyer better be reasonably sure that credit can be improved in the lease-purchase timeframe.

      Oh, and for the love of all that's holy, get an attorney to draw up the documents.

      Quote of the month:  "It had all that great original character, and then no one screwed it up." That was Jane after previewing a meticulously cared for 1920s Montpelier craftsman house. I think she meant that there was nothing to undo.

      Getting Smarter: Did you know that you can become even more of a real estate expert than you already are? Like Heney Realtors on Facebook, and learn about hot new listings, get interesting "market slices", and win karma points with our contests. I realize that karma can only be apportioned by the forces of the cosmos, but I can pretend, right?

      Looking for Something New? Heney Realtors is actively looking for Realtors, licensed assistants (or those willing to become licensed), and administrative assistants. Business is good now, and looking to expand in the near future.  Honestly, we need more good people to allow us to serve the growing number of buyers and sellers we're seeing. Experiences are helpful, but not necessary. We can train the right people. Call or email for more information.

      August's Home Sales

      Town Address Original Price Final Price Closing Price Days on Mkt
      Barre City 190 Fairview $99,900 $99,900 $96,900 10
      Barre City 29 Warren $119,000 $119,000 $120,000 11
      Barre City 4 Daniel Drive $225,000 $199,000 $187,900 123
      Barre City 43 Circle $109,000 $105,000 $94,000 236
      Barre City 122 Batchelder #7 $127,800 $127,800 $122,000 338
      Barre City 11 Westwood Pkwy $140,000 $135,000 $125,000 356
      Barre City 34 Fecteau #25 $195,000 $175,000 $173,500 539
      Barre City Average $145,100 $137,243 $131,329 230
      Barre Town 13 Lisa Drive $375,000 $375,000 $365,000 6
      Barre Town 22 Orchard Terrace $140,000 $140,000 $140,500 34
      Barre Town 5 West Skylark $169,900 $159,900 $145,900 36
      Barre Town 104 Sugarwoods $297,000 $297,000 $285,000 38
      Barre Town 80 Cassie $153,000 $153,000 $153,000 67
      Barre Town 58 LePage $189,000 $179,000 $150,000 225
      Barre Town 20 Countryside $300,000 $265,000 $250,000 318
      Barre Town 479 Cutler Corner $399,000 $344,900 $315,000 500
      Barre Town 24 Granview $175,000 $149,000 $148,410 838
      Barre Town Average $244,211 $229,200 $216,979 229
      Calais 104 Justa Rd $246,000 $199,000 $196,000 31
      Calais 6067 Route 14 $189,000 $175,000 $165,000 774
      East Montpelier 405 Haggett $209,000 $209,000 $199,500 100
      Middlesex 24 Bolduc $177,000 $177,000 $177,500 57
      Worcester 104 Worcester Village Rd $259,500 $248,500 $248,500 136
      U32 Average $216,100 $201,700 $197,300 220
      Montpelier 3 Pleasant $248,000 $248,000 $245,200 3
      Montpelier 273 Berlin $184,000 $184,000 $178,000 12
      Montpelier 23 Roberts $180,000 $180,000 $177,000 33
      Montpelier 20 Deerfield Dr $254,900 $254,900 $235,000 82
      Montpelier 3 Taplin $155,000 $102,000 $94,500 117
      Montpelier 26 Woodrow $384,000 $385,000 $370,000 174
      Montpelier 212 Cityside #53 $208,900 $208,900 $188,000 235
      Montpelier 95 East State $228,000 $224,900 $210,000 274
      Montpelier 179 North St $278,000 $278,000 $238,500 358
      Montpelier 10 Hubbard Park Dr $320,000 $305,000 $305,000 446
      Montpelier Average $244,080 $237,070 $224,120 173
      Northfield 5 Riverside $40,000 $40,000 $35,600 39
      Northfield 1443 Hallstrom $112,500 $112,500 $106,100 141
      Northfield 745 Freeman $975,000 $825,000 $742,500 1164
      Roxbury 1025 Thurston Hill $203,000 $189,000 $168,000 67
      Northfield Average $332,625 $291,625 $263,050 353

      Richly Appointed Home for Sale in Marshfield VT

      From the front yard

      Richly Appointed Home For Sale in Marshfield, Vermont 

      Some houses have such a commanding presence that everyone knows them. Those are the houses that aren't described by their addresses or even cross streets, but rather by the houses themselves. The house with the big white columns. The house with the fantastic barn. Those sorts of descriptions.

      This perfectly appointed Marshfield home (just past the Plainfield border) is one of those houses. It has impressive curb appeal both from a distance and from close up. From a distance, the first and second floor porches steal the show. Imagine walking out from the upstairs hallway in the morning, and looking out across several mountaintops.

      The first floor porch/patio has carefully laid flooring, and is heated with a highly efficient radiant hot water system underneath. No more cold toes for evening cocktail parties or morning coffee.

      Open Layout

      Built with quality materials that whisper "luxury" throughout, including hardwood floors,  cherry cabinets and stainless steel appliances.  Exceptional features include a very large kitchen island, a spacious master bedroom and bathroom with soaking tub.

      Learn more about this Marshfield/Plainfield home.

      Currently set up as three bedrooms, with a large "play room". The play room could easily be used as a fourth bedroom or as a second family room, home office, studio, or exercise room.

      11+ well-maintained acres situated for tremendous gardening or orchards.

      This is one of those special properties that is as high quality as it appears. Call or email for information on this stately home for sale in Marshfield.

      Get more information on this top tier property.


      • 2544 Square feet
      • Radiant flooring and baseboard hot water heating (multi-zone)
      • Three bedrooms
      • Two and a half bathrooms
      • Open kitchen/dining/living room layout
      • Formal dining room
      • Second floor porch
      • Heated patio on first floor
      • 11.68 acres
      • Birch and tile floors
      • Cherry cabinets
      • Stainless steel appliances
      • Attached two-car garage
      • Walk-in closets


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        Top 3 Picks from Montpelier Caravan

        Top 3 Picks from Montpelier Caravan

        By: Ray Mikus

        Today's Montpelier Brokers caravan was a little shorter (fewer properties on it) than I thought it would be. But still, it was a good mix. This time, we saw homes for sale in East Montpelier and Berlin as well as in Montpelier.

        Our office takes pride in strong participation in the local caravans. Six Realtors from Heney Realtors came along today as a way of gaining broader exposure to the housing market. We're still trying to figure out how some folks work out pricing using comparable sales if they haven't been inside the comparable sales.

        But I suppose that's another blog post. Another perhaps more cynical blog post.

        Here are my picks of the favorites from the Montpelier Caravan:

        9 North College Street Montpelier Vermont  9 North College Street, Montpelier--It's hard to find a hidden neighborhood in a state capital, but that's what North College Street in Montpelier is. This house is next to the end, with large maples in the front yard, and a nice level backyard. Totally renovated mid-century split entry with great floors, lots of natural lighting, and great fixtures. This one was a crowd pleaser. Want more information?



        6 Greenfield Terrace Montpelier--This one surprised me. I've been in lots of houses on Greenfield and Deerfield in the past four 6 Greenfield Terrace Montpelier Vermontyears (wow, has it been four years already!). This one has had some "work" done to it. Somewhere along the way someone opened up the kitchen into a VERY large one with an island larger than most kitchen tables. The master bedroom had been bumped out to enlarge it as well. Top to bottom renovation, and listed at $267,000. Email for information or to schedule a showing.




        Condos at Mansfield Lane in Berlin, VT63 Mansfield Lane, Berlin Condo--My third pick was a gorgeous (and affordable) condo at Mansfield Lane in Berlin. This three bedroom townhouse has a finished walkout basement suite (perfect for a teenager or houseguests), an open first floor with cathedral ceilings, and a three-season room featuring a bank of windows and fir floors. Attached one car garage, and incredibly energy efficient. Send an email for more information.




        All the brokers and agents who came today got a good look at some great Montpelier homes for sale. Remember that you can look at a property with any Realtor you want, so make sure you want to work with someone who wants to see all the comps.  Come on, I couldn't resist.


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            Top 3 Picks from Barre Caravan of Homes for Sale

            By Ray Mikus

            The Barre Brokers Caravan was on Tuesday, and there was a full docket of houses.  Sixteen, to be exact. Then, of course, Charlie Clark and I added one more--a new listing that he has on Richardson Road.

            But I digress.

            The sixteen houses in Barre (City and Town) comprised a wide range, everything from reconditioned 1900s houses with classic woodwork to a high-end log home with dynamite views and an elevator for $725,000.

            My picks as the favorites, or maybe as the properties that got the most interest from the Realtors who came through are the following:


            5 College Street Barre Vermont5 College Street--this early century house has gorgeous woodwork, great built-ins, and two levels of deck/balcony. Not the sort of thing you see everyday in Barre, and certainly not for $140,000. Big rooms, lots of space, and a butler's pantry. Cute little backyard too. Jane may have hit the nail on the head when she said, "I could live here." Email for more information.





            14 Sheridan Street--similar house, rich with woodwork, and a screened back porch overlooking the 14 Sheridan Street Barre Vermont backyard. The owners are putting some finishing touches on the place, including some paint/paper/plaster work.  Let me know if you'd like more information.







            264 Middle Road Barre Vermont264 Middle Road--From the road, it's hard to get a gauge on this one. And the property isn't quite as big as I thought at first--it's more in the backyard than the front yard.  But the house has been freshly painted, has good-sized rooms, a great full, walkout basement, and a three car  garage. Not bad for just under $200,000. Don't just drive by this one--email to schedule a showing.

            Honestly, there were some great properties on the caravan, and it's always a nice opportunity to network with agents and brokers from other agencies. I'm not totally sure why all the local agencies don't put their listings on the caravan, and I'm not sure why some Realtors don't come on caravan. But you know, it's Vermont, so I'm not going to judge.

            For more info on these or any of the other homes for sale in Barre City of homes for sale in Barre Town, just call or email.

            June 2012 Market Report--You Know You're Curious...

            We know that you pride yourself on having complete mastery of the Montpelier/Barre real estate market. That's why you come to this site.


            Here's a snapshot of the market for June. Most surprising was the low number of new listings and closed sales in Montpelier.


            Active New in June Under Contract Closed in June Closed last 12 months
            Barre City 65 15 13 10 66
            Barre Town 72 15 14 7 67
            Montpelier 51 4 17 2 66
            U32 69 15 11 8 73
            Northfield 56 12 5 1 28
            Totals 313 61 60 28 300


            And then, to compare across time, check out how June 2012 compared to June 2011 as far as the size of the inventory, the number of sales, and the overall activity. June turned out to be a slower month than might have been expected. Still, year on year sales are higher in 2011-2012 than the previous year.


            New 6/12 New 6/11 Closed 6/12 Closed 6/11 Closed6/11-6/12 Closed 6/10-6/11
            Barre City 15 15 10 7 66 63
            Barre Town 15 15 7 11 67 64
            Montpelier 4 14 2 13 66 65
            U32 15 20 8 7 73 57
            Northfield 12 13 1 4 28 20
            Totals 61 77 28 42 300 269



            Here are the June 2012 sales for Montpelier, Barre, U32, and Northfield. Don't get all bent out of shape by some of those cheap sales right at the top of the table. There were a few foreclosures that had been on the market for YEARS and finally sold.

            And yes, that one lonely sale in Northfield last month?  That was me.


            Town Address Original List Price Final List Price Closing Price Days on Market
            Barre City 33 Maple Ave $108,000 $19,900 $27,000 413
            Barre City 65 Hill St $172,000 $69,000 $69,000 1180
            Barre City 15 Mill St $86,500 $86,500 $86,500 6
            Barre City 160 Seminary St $100,000 $88,900 $80,500 97
            Barre City 11 Downes $119,900 $119,900 $120,900 7
            Barre City 4 Crescent $129,000 $129,000 $75,000 100
            Barre City 194 Washington St $164,900 $139,900 $145,900 740
            Barre City 132 Batchelder St $165,000 $147,000 $140,000 1002
            Barre City 113 Country Way $238,000 $199,950 $190,000 382
            Barre City 43 Nelson $230,000 $230,000 $220,000 60
            Barre Town 51 Church Hill Rd $126,500 $39,900 $36,000 795
            Barre Town 16 Carnes Rd $125,000 $97,300 $91,500 586
            Barre Town 12 Orchard Terrace $127,500 $127,500 $120,000 99
            Barre Town 3 Wilmuth St $134,900 $134,900 $134,900 7
            Barre Town 61 Middle Rd $209,000 $169,900 $162,500 386
            Barre Town 17 Sunrise Rd $225,000 $200,000 $200,000 58
            Barre Town 306 Camp St $240,000 $224,900 $214,000 231
            Montpelier 16 Mountainview $186,500 $186,500 $185,000 7
            Montpelier 58 Wheelock $198,000 $192,000 $180,000 258
            Berlin 540 Route 12 $289,000 $265,000 $263,800 253
            Berlin 19 Black Rd $319,900 $319,900 $295,000 184
            Calais 272 Apple Hill Rd $155,000 $155,000 $147,500 3
            Calais 214 The Cove Rd $299,000 $179,000 $170,000 1454
            Calais 9879 County Rd $265,000 $265,000 $250,000 39
            East Montpelier 3978 County Rd $190,000 $175,000 $166,000 367
            East Montpelier 1550 Center Rd $214,000 $214,000 $220,000 4
            East Montpelier 140 Maplewood $289,900 $289,900 $275,000 13
            Northfield 342 Central St $268,000 $255,000 $245,000