What Color Should You Paint Your House

Painting the Exterior of a House

Painting the Exterior of a HouseThere is a time tested tradition in choosing paint colors to sell homes quickly. A fresh coat of exterior paint and interior paint, in all the rooms of your home, will surely add value. You will benefit from the cosmetic architectural proverbial facelift with minimal expense whether you are casually thinking about selling your home or ready to contact a real estate agent and get the ball rolling (or rather the paint rolling) today! 

Interior Paint Colors 

It is no secret that painting the interior rooms of your home with light and neutral colors will help to sell your home quickly. We recommend choosing a single color and painting all the rooms in your home with that color. A light and neutral interior paint color will reflect natural and artificial light and make every room feel more spacious. White paint and off white paint for your home’s interior are always the best options. We have also seen certain light earth colors in stone (alabaster) and gray (light pewter, silverpoint) used quite effectively. You can choose to paint the trim in the same color or a warm white color to give the chosen wall color a very clean appearance. Working with a seller’s agent from Heney Realtors is a great way to get started when you are staging and painting your home. Your agent can provide you with a palette of colors that have worked well in your specific Central Vermont community and connect you with additional design resources. 

Exterior Paint Colors 

In the animal kingdom, creatures use bright colors to keep other animals away. Bright and garish color combinations are used by many animals along with baffling deimatic displays (elaborate patterns and other visual techniques employed by moths, butterflies, and octopi). You will want to attract buyers. So take a lesson from the animal kingdom and do the opposite. 

It is important to follow the aesthetic of the neighborhood. Whether your neighborhood is governed by an HOA or is simply governed by similar taste and good sense, following the neighborhood aesthetic is paramount in selecting exterior paint colors when you want to sell your home quickly. You want to use welcoming colors for potential buyers, colors that represent your home as part of the community. Neutral and earthy tones are effective exterior paint colors, and lighter colors can make a home look larger than it is. You want to be respectful of your neighbors and neighborhood at all times. You will want to choose exterior color and trim color that complements the other homes without duplicating a color scheme. There are always exceptions to every rule, such as these brightly colored Louisiana homes, but bright and garish color combinations are rarely one of those exceptions when painting the exterior of your home in Central Vermont. 

Heney Realtors, Montpelier Vermont’s Premier Independent Real Estate Brokerage, has been serving Central Vermont since 1956. We recognize that every town is unique, and every market is different. When choosing to work with us, you are choosing a team who knows the Vermont market and the best way to sell your home. Contact us today!

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