Winter Home Staging Tips

Winter Home Staging

It's no secret most sellers can a harder time selling their homes in the winter than any other time of the year. The harsh winter conditions usually have a dreary effect on your house, and besides that, most people usually have bought their new home by the end of spring, hence fewer people are willing to leave the warmth of their homes to go [...]

Winter Moving Tips

Moving During Winter

Given the opportunity to choose, most people wouldn't select winter as an ideal time to move. For the most part, winter moving isn't fun considering the potential bad weather, less than ideal road conditions, and the low number of houses in the [...]

5 Reasons to Buy a Home in the Fall

House in the Fall

The idea of buying a home during fall doesn't follow the conventional wisdom we're used to, but it's actually the best time of the year to purchase a home. 

While there are understandable reasons why most people prefer to buy their homes during spring or summer, we will break it down for you why you are better off buying a house in the fall [...]

How to Quickly Sell Your Vermont Home for Top Dollar

Home in Vermont

If you're looking to sell your Vermont home fast, now is a great time because we are in a hot seller's market. If you also want to sell your property for top dollar, here are five things you must consider.

1. Get the help of a seasoned realtor

It is possible to list and sell your home by yourself if you are willing to put in the necessary work. However, always consider getting the help of an [...]

Our Response To COVID-19

To Our Customers, Clients and Friends:


Our strategy for how best to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve. Our offices are open on a limited basis with basic staffing. A number of our team are working from home. We continue to be available to you during normal business hours by telephone or email. We are dedicated [...]

Vermont = 2.07 Million Gallons of Maple Syrup in 2019

Making Maple Syrup in Vermont

A total of 4.2 million gallons of maple syrup was produced in the United States last year and Vermont produced 49% of that
amount with New York State and Maine being the second and third largest producers. But it was not always miles of sap lines
and vacuum systems to gently pull the sap from the trees and reverse osmosis to remove much of [...]

Remembering- Growing Up and Sugaring!

Road to Waitsfield Common

This picture is the road leading up to the present day Von Trapp farm on Waitsfield Common. The snow was plowed with a mechanical giant on tracks with a V plow and wings to push the snow back, hence the near vertical snow banks separating us from the sap buckets. My brother Dick, Howard Corliss and Alan Richardson would gather the sap, [...]

2017 Home Buyer and Home Seller Trends

Home Seller Trends

Real estate agents help sellers market and price their home competitively, and lower the amount of time their home is on the market. According to an annual survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), trends for home sellers this year [...]