Central VT Towns

Scroll down to learn more about our Vermont service area. Click the links to find a town's current real estate listings. Contact us if you have questions or if you find properties that you wish to see.


Barre Town

Barre town's housing stock was built since the 1960’s – new by Vermont standards. Many neighborhoods have long distance mountain views and attractive acreage not far from the city center. Learn more and view latest Barre Town VT Real Estate

Barre City

Barre City is comprised of a historic downtown area and the surrounding neighborhoods. Many of the homes originally housed the granite shed workers and their families. Today, while gentrification keeps improving the stock, housing is still very reasonable. Learn more and view latest Barre City VT Real Estate


Berlin has easy access to I-89 and a regional airport with flights to Burlington, Rutland, Albany and elsewhere. Berlin is ideal for those looking to get lost in the Central Vermont countryside within minutes of the main commercial strip. Learn more and view latest Berlin VT Real Estate


Calais (pronounced Kaliss) is divided into four smaller villages: East Calais, North Calais, Adamant and Maple Corner. Calais is a picturesque mix of rolling open meadows, hillside farms, and, Vermont forest. Learn more and view latest Calais VT Real Estate

East Montpelier

This town has some of the finest agricultural soils in the area and generates millions in agricultural sales each year. Much of East Montpelier offers soft views with easy proximity to cultural and commercial centers in Barre and Montpelier. Learn more and view latest East Montpelier VT Real Estate


Middlesex is just north of Montpelier. There’s plenty of privacy and no shortage of great views. Middlesex is easily within commuter range with 15 minute access to both Montpelier and Waterbury. Learn more and view latest Middlesex VT Real Estate


You would be pressed to find a more dynamic community of this size. Largely because Montpelier acts as a downtown for many of the smaller surrounding communities, this, the nation’s smallest capital city, boasts incredible cultural opportunities. Learn more and view latest Montpelier VT Real Estate


Northfield is a lovely town on a well-kept green. Houses here fall in line with the classic New England image of clapboards and slate roofs. Learn more and view latest Northfield VT Real Estate


Waterbury is a crossroads town on Exit 10 that puts outdoors enthusiasts in easy range of the Burlington community. Connecting Stowe, Bolton and Mad River Valley ski resorts to the regional businesses that have made this town popular. Learn more and view latest Waterbury VT Real Estate


WORCESTER (pronounced Wooster) is nearly one-third state owned Putnam Forest and includes beautiful Mount Hunger. If you like to hike this is one to climb. Learn more and view latest Worcester VT Real Estate